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Summarized by durumis AI

  • Durumis is currently in beta and is free to use. Writing is only available on PC, and mobile support is planned for the future.
  • Article translation uses generative AI to convey meaning through paraphrasing. Translated articles cannot be edited and must be re-published after editing the original text.
  • Durumis uses Google Cloud Platform to operate servers worldwide and provides data from the server closest to the user.
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Q. I'm trying to write a post, but I can't see the [Write Post] button.

A. It seems like you are trying to write a post on mobile. You can write a post on a PC, and we are planning to support writing posts on mobile in the future.

Q. Why does it say [Beta]? Will it be paid when it becomes the official version?

A. It is still in beta service because there are many features that are lacking. Even when it becomes the official version, it will not be paid, and you can use it forfree.

Q. I just posted a post, but the translation says there is no post.

A. It takes about 5 to 30 minutes for the translated post to appear after you post the original post. This is because the generative AI needs to do many things, such as translation, summarization, topic generation, and preview post generation. Please be patient and wait a little.

Q. Are there no statistics?

A. We are planning to provide it in the future, and data is being accumulated continuously. For now, you can link [Google Analytics], so you can refer to the related program.

Q. Is it different from the [Google Translate] in [Google Chrome]?

A. It's different in two major ways.

  • When a post is written in English, it will not be displayed if you search in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, etc. In other words, traffic from Google search is meaningless. However, if the post itself is written in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, etc. from the beginning, it will be displayed well when searching.
  • It will be upgraded, but currently, Google Translate's translation is close to literal translation because it is machine translation. Generative AI's translation is paraphrasing, so it is faithful to conveying meaning.

Q. If it is translated into multiple languages, where can I see the translated content?

A. There are three ways.

  • If you look at the domain, you will see /ko, /ja, /es, /nl, etc. There is a way to change the language code like this. Of course, it is a difficult method.
  • The video below shows you two ways. (Be sure to turn on the subtitles)

Please turn on the [Subtitle function]. It supports subtitles in 18 languages. If you click [Subscribe] and [Like], you will be notified of new news through YouTube, so please click the [Subscribe] button at the top left of the screen^^

Q. There is no comment function.

A. The comment function will be added according to the priority. We think it is a necessary function internally.

Q. Is there no scheduled posting function?

A. We think it is a function that must be there. Currently, there is no function, but it is a function on the update schedule list.

Q. There is no reporting function either.

A. Yes. It is currently unavailable. It is a function that should be the top priority. There are many functions that are not available in the beta version, but we are planning to update them step by step.

Q. Can I hide a published post?

A. Currently, you can't hide published posts. If you just [Save] the post, it won't be published and will remain in the draft. You can't hide a post that has already been published, but we are considering updating the feature in the future.

Q. The main page seems too monotonous.

A. Since there are not many posts accumulated yet, it is organized based on the latest posts. In the future, it will be organized with a variety of interesting stories and topics, including recommended posts and the latest posts.

Q. Where are the durumis servers located?

A. durumis uses Google's cloud platform.

Servers are located in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, the US East Coast, the US West Coast, and South America. When a reader reads a post, they access the server closest to them to get the post and image. If the closest server is down or too congested with traffic, it automatically fetches data from the next closest server.

Naturally, it is much faster and more stable than services where servers are clustered in one place to load web pages.

Q. I wrote and published a post, but it wasn't translated.

A. It's one of two problems.

1. When you post a post in a different language than the current page's language

If you write a post in Spanish on an English page, or write a post in English on a Korean page, you will get that error. In other words, if you write and publish in a different language than the page you are seeing, that's what happens. In this case, a pop-up window will appear when you click [Save], and you can select the language from this pop-up window.

Screenshot showing the explanation of the writing language

You can select the writing language when the pop-up window appears

2. If the language of the writing page and the actual writing language are the same, but the translation is not done, it is an error.

Please report the bug. ( )

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